Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hello World

Written by Craig Pascute Yes I am a dork and started with “Hello World”. Besides being a dork, I am Craig and this site and all the “hubba ballubaa” is about me. I am struggle in life with a nasty little bug call Esophageal cancer, and even though it is of no fault of mine […]

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An open letter to the public

Written by Amanda Pascute Dear Public, First I want to thank everyone that supports us in whatever way they do, whether it is through pray, bringing in food for us, monetarily, or just being there when I need someone to talk to, and and other ways I might be forgetting. It is such a blessing! […]

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Written by Amanda Pascute As you might have guessed from the title today is Wednesday! The last few days have been busy for us. We love watching the Olympics! Jake will watch any sport from the moment he gets up til I make him go to bed for the next 2 weeks it’s all about […]

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