Monthly Archives: October 2012

Walt Disney, Sea World, and flying food oh my

Written by Craig Pascute Hello everyone, It is night 4 of our vacation and our in a new resort hotel with wifi that doesn’t cost extra money every time I log on. Sorry I haven’t updated before now, but the pricing at the last resort hotel were a bit pricy to get online. Day 1 […]

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Good Friday

Written by Craig Pascute Today is a pretty good Friday for not being the “Good Friday”. I got my PET scan results today. My Esophagus (main part of my cancer) is 100% clear, my back is 75% clear and my lymph nodes are showing 50% improvement. Overall this is better news then any doctor has […]

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Leaves are falling

Written by Craig Pascute Good morning everyone. Today is Friday, the 5th and I am doing good. I am back on a normal sleep schedule and am in waiting mode. Tuesday the 9th (sorry I had the wrong date earlier to those I told the 16th) I have a PET Scan and then Friday I […]

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