Monthly Archives: March 2013

oh how 1 day can change your life

Written by Amanda Pascute Hello and welcome. This is Amanda, Craig wanted to put an update out, so here goes. Wednesday March 26th exactly one year after he first went to the emergency room, we were back in the emergency room again. They ran a bunch of test and admitted him. Today the doctors wanted […]

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up and downs

Written by Craig Pascute It has been awhile since i’ve posted and wanted to get an update out. The last few weeks have had its ups and downs. Pain has been on the rise and has been causing grief. Thankfully last night dosage was changed and today I feel a bit better. Beyond the pain, […]

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just a quick update

Written by Craig Pascute Doing great today. Pain in my back hovers between 1 and 3 most of the time and the arm is fine. The new meds have less drowsiness and I am awake more of the day. My new found free time has been spent playing chess online, reading a ton, and just […]

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