40 2 9 … go 49ers :)

40 – The number of hours I am to work a week ideally. I was no where near that mark this week. Pain has been outpacing my meds and between fighting worse pains and new side affects I barely got in half a week of work. I was bumped up to morphine and double my fentanyl but then was really upset in the stomach. I camped the week off Thursday with some projectile vomit at work and left before the day got started. So gone is the morphine, sleeping in a chair now, and on another med plus more fentanyl. I slept much better last night and hopefully I will be back to working full shifts again this week. Sorry t, anyone who had to deal with the vomit that I didn’t succeed in getting in the trash can.

2 – The number of weeks till my next PET scan. Depending on the results I may be getting more Taxol or changing to another type of chemo. Sadly though I don’t expect good result as increased pain is a clear sign of growth of tumors. I would be lying if I said I was really upbeat about the whole situation, but I was blessed and got to go to a mens retreat last Friday and Saturday which recharged me quite a bit so I am not nearly down as much as would have been without the recharge. Also I am able to see the upsides and am grateful for the free diet plan that comes with inability to eat due to constant fear of vomit :). There have been 2 other more significant benefits, but I am not ready to share them yet.

9 – My oldest son Jake just turned 9 today and even though I spent most of today in a chemo chair I was able to take him to his first Komets game tonight. My wife knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knew the mascot and so before the game started he got a signed card and a T-shirt from ICY. Later Preston (Greg’s son) got one as well, and in the third my youngest got a hockey puck. Kids were completely sugared up with cotton candy, pop, and some ice cream but thankfully game was over late enough that my wife didn’t catch on :). I am really proud of both my kids and its hard for me to say ‘no’ to them. Jake just made principles list with straight A’s in 3rd grade and Zach has the equivalent E’s in first. Lord willing I will be around for more then the docs are saying and get to watch them grow up quite a bit further. I don’t think that is the main purpose for keeping me around, but am grateful none the less. Well it is late and yes sleep is eluding me so far, but I need to make more attempts to get there before this becomes and all night-er and causes Saturday to be a rough one. Thanks again for all the prayers, cards, random encouraging texts, etc. They all really do help.

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