An open letter to the public

Written by Amanda Pascute

Dear Public,

First I want to thank everyone that supports us in whatever way they do, whether it is through pray, bringing in food for us, monetarily, or just being there when I need someone to talk to, and and other ways I might be forgetting. It is such a blessing!
Today our local newspaper ran an article about our family and some of the monetary mountains we are facing. We also want to thank everyone that took the time to read the article.
We have a great resource in Greg Munster! He set up the phone interview, our website, and is taking care of things that neither of us have the time to worry about or the mental health to take care of everything that is arising. It is a great weight off our shoulders to not have to worry about the things Greg takes care of. He also surprises me daily with new ideas about things we can do! He would make an awesome cancer advocate!
The next part of this letter won’t pertain to a lot of people reading this but it needs to be said to those people who need to hear it.

To the haters or in general those who don’t understand,

We lived and are living paycheck to paycheck and when Craig went on disability that pay was reduced from what we are accustom to. That isn’t to say we can’t pay our general bills water, electricity, gas, car payment house payment etc… at least at the moment. I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom and we’ve gotten by on what Craig has made, we live with-in our means and have no credit cards our only debt until Craig got sick were a student loan, our mortgage, and a car loan. However I’d love anyone that lives pay to pay to come up with $500 dollars a month in medical bills and medicines and have the insurance company tell you that the medicine that the doctor wants to give you they will only pay $5000 of the $7000 a month for this drug. Now with that being said we can’t afford to pay $2000 dollars a month towards a single drug. Are there other drugs that might work instead of that one? Yes. And currently he is on a chemo through a pump 24 hour a day 7 days a week instead of the very expensive pills we’d love to get him on. But by no means is this chemo and the way it is delivered cheap or even cheaper in the end. This drug cost $525 a week, we’re not sure what our out of pocket will be on this but if you do some math 525*4 = 2100 if our insurance only pays 75% of it that’s still $525 a month of of pocket. One redeeming grace about this option is that we don’t have to pay the cost up front. However at this point in time $525 dollar seems as unattainable as $2000.
I implore anyone who has accounting skills to look at our in take and figure out how to pay everything.
I’ve been hand making scarves and selling them for $20 a piece and if you are interested in buying one please let me know. It helps me get piece of mind and also brings in a few dollars a month.
To the fact I got my hair done. I know some people think that because I got some pink highlights in my hair this week we don’t need money. My hair dresser bought 2 scarves from me, and I had wanted to do something fun with my hair for awhile. So when I had a little pocket money I made an appointment with her to get my hair done and she did it. If you don’t understand why I needed something uplifting and a little fun in my life right now, that’s fine. If you don’t want to donate money because of this that’s fine too.
I want to make it VERY clear ALL the money donated to our website or the account Greg has set up goes to help pay our medical bills.

I want to leave everyone with this:

LORD give me strength. I know that there will be people out there that don’t understand, that have never been through what we are going through, and that there will be people that want to hurt us emotionally. Give me the strength to GET OVER IT! Give me the strength to fight the battles that need fought, not just the ones that make me angry. Help me to not lash out without thinking or in an angry manner. Let me be the kind and compassionate women I know I am inside. When people aggravate me give me the courage to calm down first and not give in to my tendencies to go off the cuff. I know I am not strong. I need your help. In JESUS name, Amen.


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  1. steve shie says:

    im sorry to hear about your life as it now is but i can relate to it
    i have huntingtons disease which is fatal just dont know when no treatment out for it had to quit work 3 years agoand go on disability it doesnt pay much at all last year wife also on disability had 2 heart surgeries that cost 200,ooo and medicare pays uptp 870 % any way enough about us if you need someone to talk to or a ride you can contact me at and maybe i can help
    sorry i cant help money wise as i have many med bills myself left unpaid check uof ohio and see if they can offer a treatment that might help. my brothher has cancer and was given 12-18 months here and went to uofohio and that was 6 years ago he is sttill doing good
    anyway best of luck and god will take care of evverything for you

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