Blessed, Stressed, and Burger King french fries

Written by Amanda Pascute

We are blessed! As always I want to start by thanking everyone that has donated money, time, and prayer to us. This week has been a roller coaster for us. (Or at least me.)

We went to Cleveland Clinic on Wednesday and were filled with disappointment. Somewhere in the shuffle of doctors all of our charts, slides and cds got lost. So the doctor had not seen anything about us. It was such a let down from what we hoped and prayed was going to happen. The 4 hour car trip on the way home was not as enjoyable as the trip there. But we put on a smile and move on.

Craig had chemo on Friday. It went well going in, but as soon as we got home he started vomiting. We slept at home, however this morning he woke up and tried to take some meds and started vomiting again so off the the ER we went. ER gave him some anti-nausea drugs watched him for about 2.5 hours and discharged us. We made it about 3 miles, got stopped by a train and he started vomiting again. So back to the ER we drove. At the moment he is resting in his ER bed while we wait to be admitted upstairs into oncology, so they can keep him under observation. We hope and pray our stay isn’t very long.

On a positive note we ate at Burger King on Wednesday and Craig had fries and loved them! It’s the first time in a while I’ve seen him eat like a semi normal person.

Things to pray for:

1. That Craig gets feeling better and gets discharged.

2. Our boys, they miss their daddy and our house. School starts soon and they need prayer that they can focus and learn this year while we are going through this hard time.

3. I’ve been having anger issues, mood swings, and overall just been very stressed. (who wouldn’t been stressed with this going on in their life though?) Pray that God gives me the strength to not get angry at people and that he helps control my mood and stress.

I want to thank a few other people. To those people that are complete strangers to us and yet felt God lead you to help us with money THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are blessed that you have reached out to us! May God bless you and keep you.

To the person that gave us 100lbs of food at the food bank. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It will feed us for several weeks and the money we’d spend on food can help pay for medications that seem to change daily ( even if they don’t really)

I almost forgot the biggest blessing this week! Craig got off the 5FU chemo and got that VERY expensive pill we’ve been trying to get! It took several people most of Friday and several other days to help us get it but we know have it! The best part is it is slightly cheaper then we thought it was going to be :) we thought our out of pocket on it would be 2,000 a month but it’s only 1016.90 a month! It’s still VERY expensive but I feel like one of those people that buys something only because the sticker says 50% off. At the moment we have some grant funding that is helping us pay for the cost of this drug, but we are trying to save all of the money that is coming in to help pay for this drug if the grant runs out or we can’t get it next year.

Craig is sleeping and I would love to be sleeping so I will end this.

We love ya’ll and we pray that the LORD blesses you and your family!


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