“…But we are like weather forecasters, all of us give different times, none of us will be right”

Written by Craig Pascute

    Last weekend I was able to hear Lee Bracey* preach. He talked and talked and talked, it is what preachers do after all. There was more to his sermon that has stuck with me this week, but he spent a few moments talking about how some things are not good or evil but just powerful. That line about things being powerful has stuck with me so far this week and perhaps yesterday I was given a lesson in my own life on powerful words. Lee, if you should somehow read this, thank you for your time, ministry, and your powerful words. I hope your ministry out lives you for generations and someday you hear some powerful words from the maker above about it.
“…But we are like weather forecasters, all of us give different times, none of us will be right”, “… everything he does is right and all his ways are just”
Both of these quotes are powerful. The first was spoken just yesterday by a doctor in Cleveland. He said a lot, some things were good, some bad, but his line about being forecasters stuck with me all night.
Better to start with the good. The doc confirmed that my treatment plan and what has been done so far is exactly what the text books says to do. He agrees with the bottom line of both of my oncologist. Actually let me correct that, had he been able to see all my test results and if they match what my wife, father, and I told him he would agree that is. There is a lot of negative things that I could say about the screw up about in getting my records, or that every week lost in paperwork is equal to 1 percent of my life gone if the docs 2 year mark is accurate, but I am going to resist going into that today. He did make some treatment suggestions that I need to talk with my other docs about later this week.
The only bad to report on it besides the paperwork ordeal is that I am unable to participate in the few clinicals that are available because I have already started chemo. If you are on chemo you can’t be in the studies because chemo contaminates results in baseline studies. Later today/this week I need to do some checking to see if there are any clinical studies on going in the nation with secondary limitations (or post chemo studies). Forgive me if I have the terminology wrong there. Before I move on, I want to point out that his quote was in direct reference to time left in the world and not to medicine in general, although at times it sure feels like he meant the entire medical profession :)
“… everything he does is right and all his ways are just”. This is the end of Daniel  4:37  in the NIV translation. I found it this morning while doing a coin flip devotion. A coin flip devotion for me is where I open the Bible up to some random spot and read. I read until either the passage is over or I find something that speaks to me. Normally it doesn’t take very long if I am in a thinking mode since for what ever reason the Bible tends to speak alot even in small dozes when I am listening. If I read while tired or absent minded I end up reading quite a bit more before stopping. If you are/aren’t into the Word much, I challenge you to do 1 coin flip devotion this week and if you feel up to it share it on my blog. I will be happy to read what you read and see if it speaks to me in the same way.
Today I didn’t start with 4:37. I actually started back at 4:28 at the subsection labeled, “The Dream is Fulfilled”. My eyes were drawn there because last night I had a dream about about the movie I watched last night with my wife. The movie was called The book of Eli. The movie is not a kids movie in my opinion and although I enjoyed it I have a hard time recommending it to anyone. Even though the overall story line was deep and gives you something to think about it is heavily crowded with murder and other filth. Again I enjoyed the movie, but don’t recommend it. The dreams I had last night were about the filth. It’s simple for me, bad input yields bad dreams, and last night was no different.
Sorry I got side tracked, “The Dream is fulfilled” verses 28-37 start with a declaration of truth and end with one as well. “all this happened to King Neb…”. I like it when passages start that way. It removes some of the context struggles of whether or not the following passages is literary, poetry, or speaking about the future. It simple means the following is true.
So paraphrasing, king Neb was boasting, to whom I don’t know, perhaps just to himself. Immediately after boasting, or perhaps mid thought the Lord decides to put him in his place. Neb ends up in a field eating off the ground with no title, privilege or anything of worth. He ends up “raised my eyes toward heaven, and my sanity was restored.” Everything was given back to him and then ends with another truth “And those who walk in pride he is able to humble”
What a great little story. How often at work or in life have I been boastful about things. I can’t imagine mid sentence at a meeting at work if I just lost my insanity and went outside and started walking around like cattle. I wonder how long of being in that state it would take before I would be in a padded room sucking on lollipops. What a blessed time we live in that I hope it wouldn’t take long for me to be picked up. Can you imagine being part of his family. Where is dad? He went for a walk and didn’t come back. What did his company or guards at the time think. Surely someone had to see him go off. I wonder why no one followed. Hope that we have people close enough in our lives that someone would follow us in a hurry. Also I can’t image just snapping back into the world. Can you imagine waking up in the mud with some grass in your mouth, perhaps laying in your own filth. Who knows who else was in the field that day. If you were a farmer of the land and the king was just eating your grass wouldn’t you say something or do something. Despite how I feel about our leadership in Washington I would like to think I would step in and help the President if he was laying in my field, but then again perhaps the Lord blinded everyone to Neb. Either way, what a powerful word of caution to us all. The next time I feel like boasting I know I am going to think, sure hope this doesn’t cause me to end up in crazy town.
“…everything he does is right and all his ways are just”. Real quick, not everything I do is right, in fact quite the opposite, and ask my boys, even with them I can be far from just. Praise be to God that we have someone that is right and just to lead us. I pray that he grants me the wisdom to see what is right and just and that he gives me the strength to do just that. Also I pray that I don’t become boastful when success follows listening and doing what He has told me to do.
Other prayers for my family are for my boys. I know that in the end it is up to them to choose to walk in His ways or not, but I pray and ask for prayer that the time I have here is best used to help them on their way, whether or not the weatherman’s forecast of a few years is correct or not. Also please pray for me wife, she is the brains of our operation and spends so much time caring for not only the boys but also me. She constantly makes the phone calls I don’t want to make, sets appointments, makes sure I honor those appointments, keeps the house from falling over, makes sure the boys are accounted for every moment of the day, deals with the bureaucracy that is our health care, keeps peace in the house, keeps track of thank you, and even now I am sure I am missing things, all the while trying to not let any of it show. Folks, my life is easy compared to hers. I hope she can forgive me for not recognizing it enough. She needs more prayer then anyone else in my house. I can’t do what she does, even if I was completely healthy. Praise be to our wives and mothers.*For more information on Lee, or his Woodburn Christian Childrens Home, please checkout:


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