Chemo and waterparks

Written by Craig Pascute

This weekend my Zack turned 7 and we spent the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. Both my boys had a blast and lasted longer then they have had the past few years. It is becoming a yearly tradition to go once a year to the water park and at age 7 and 8 the boys had the most fun so far. With my wife’s diligence to book months and months ahead we got a really big discount for the room as well. I was thankfully on a good week and was able to climb the 5 stories of stairs as many times as the kids needed me to for the biggest rides. Thanks again to my parents for joining us and helping watch the boys. My nephews and nieces were not able to come because of a pox family disease that one has, but hopefully they will be able to join us next time. I am really thankful for all the blessings of the trip.

As for me, I feel and have been doing great. Last week my chemo was cancelled because of blood counts not being up enough, and this week they are still lower then they are supposed to be. After the docs consulted with each other I was given a green light to proceed anyway. In the past when I had similar counts my recovery was rougher. Also I am now on a 4 week cycle instead of three. Please keep me in mind the next week.

Lastly I just got my PET scan scheduled for December 7th with the result show the following Friday (14th). Nattom has passed on my what if game and won’t give me scenarios about the future till then. I grow more and more anxious to be done and get back to work/normallacy, but I understand it isn’t in my hands. Lord willing I will be done and back mid-December.

Thanks again for the meals,prayers, encouragement, and support. Also I recently learned there was a chilli cookoff/fundraiser that was last weekend for me. I hope everyone that went got their fill and had a great time. Lastly I have been given an opportunity in June for a walk/hope event. I will talk more about that later. Thanks again.

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