Chemo Day Part 2

Written by Craig Pascute
My wifes message was from this morning but I think her computer time zone is messed up. Currently it is13:30 and I am sitting in the chemo chair. I have about 2 hours to go and so far feel much better then the last treatment cycle. The docs have added a new nausea drug that is supposed to make this cycle much better. Hopefully it continues to work and I avoid spending time in the hospital this weekend. Between the new drugs and all the prayers I have a good feeling this time around.
Earlier this week I was up at the TCS (Triple Crown Headquarters). We were blessed by a huge donation from HQ employess, Piqua employees, Owner operators, and even contractors. It was by far the biggest donation so far. I had the opertunity to go socialize with people but to be honest was so caught up in the moment I couldn’t do it. We will be attending the crazy pins outing here in 2 Saturdays and I look forward to seeing many of my coworkers.This Saturday though we are having the big home improvement day. I am not positive but I believe we are getting gutters changed out, trees trimmed, 3 season room torn down, and some painting. Forgive me if I don’t have the list correct. I hadn’t expected to be there prior to today since last chemo cycle was so rough. If I am not there I still want to express my many thanks for all the help from everyone.

Unfortunately we confirmed this week that our house has fallen at the foundation. We have had 2 people come out and look at it. The first advised us to bulldoze the house and rebuild rather then try and fix it. The second informed us that it will take 6500 to jack the house up and around 25,000 to install pillars to prevent it from falling farther. Since I am on disability and my wife doesn’t work buying a new home isn’t on the table. Neither is the 31,500 option to be honest. So we could use some prayer/help, maybe a 3rd opinion about the problem. Currently all our doors are ajar and some of the corners of the house have pulled slightly apart to the point that you can see separation on the inside of the house. We also have been told that a wall in the center of the house that wasn’t built as a supporting wall is now a support wall. I wonder how much it would cost to jack the house up, tear out the old slab, add stone, and reslab vs going the pillar route. We don’t know what caused the issue for sure, but back last year during that massive cold snap/power outage we had a burst water line in the floor of the center of the slab. We didn’t notice the burst until a month later when a huge electric and water bill hit. My memory isn’t perfect but I believe the water alone was in the 400+ range, and then 200+ the following month before the bill normalized again. When they tore up part of the slab to install new pipe and concrete they informed us that there was significant soil movement below the slab.

Enough about the house, on the plus side I was able to play golf twice this week at Arlington. I have to use a pull cart instead of carrying my clubs but it is great to get out and exercise. While my game is still far worse then this spring some things are starting to come back to me and I’ve noticed with all the weight loss and the close ball position I am hitting irons much higher and straighter then before. Now if I can only figure out the driver.

I’ve been told that I am to wordy so I will cut this off here. Thanks again for all the financial donations, time donations (thanks Mike/Mark for mulching this week), as well as prayers, and well wishes. I have quite the list of people to thank, and Lord willing I will get the time to do so.

Moment of my week, Jake came out of his room after he was in bed for 30 minutes and asked that we pray together. I’m still smiling about it 5 days later.

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