Chemo done for the day

Written by Craig Pascute

Hello everyone,

Well today is/was chemo day. It started at 0845 and just finished at 1530. Thankfully the only bad part was when hooking into the port. Nurse missed the first time, but after that everything went great. Lord willing I will not get sick in the next few days. Last cycle went fairly well so there is more hope that this one will be good as well. Thanks again for the prayers, well wishes, etc.

Looking ahead, today I got my PET scan scheduled here in 2 weeks. Original plan was to do a CAT PET then another CAT, but getting PET first means I get get the full Esophagus picture first, and since pain has been down and I can lay down the doc didn’t feel that getting CAT makes much sense since there is obvious improvements. Lord willing the PET scan will show significant shrinkage in my esophagus as well. Perhaps if all comes back good I can talk him into changing my life expectancy, but even if he doesn’t I feel pretty good and have been able to use ideas sent via comments/emails I have been staying busy this last week.

I splurged and bought 2 adult study bibles for the kids and spent a good amount of time adding verses to memorize as well as my go to passages. Both kids love them and have started pushing on there own to do devotions daily.

Thanks again to Tom Foster who came out and finished the metal bending below gutters this week.

Also we have home insurance coming out this week to check foundation. For now they have reopened our old water pipe bursting last winter claim. So it is a long shot, but at least there is some hope since they are amending the old claim. If they say that the old claim isn’t connected then the chances of having insurance pay is far worse.

There is more to say, but this is getting a little long. Thanks again for all the support, well wishes, prayers, etc.

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