Written by Amanda Pascute

It’s official! We are going to Cleveland Wednesday! (August 8th, 2012) We got the call this afternoon. It feels like a giant stress is lifted off just knowing when our appointment is. We’ll be leaving Wednesday morning and getting there before our 1 pm appointment. As far as we know it’s a one and done appointment right now. We’ll stay the night at my brother’s house (Thanks Matt and Kelsey!) then travel back home. Least that’s the plan. Please pray that the doctors there can give us a better outlook and more treatment options.
Greg has out done himself yet again. He never ceases to amaze me! Tomorrow at Harlan Donuts 10% of the profits go to help pay Craig’s medical bills! So if you live in the area go eat more donuts and while you’re in Harlan support Harlan Days! It’s a great way to spend a Day! Thank you in advance everyone that goes out and has fun at Harlan Days tomorrow.
Craig had a doctor’s appointment today. He’s white cell count was down as was his weight (he lost 10 lbs this week) and his hemoglobin was up. The doctor said that if the white cell count was down and the hemoglobin was up that usually means the blood is thicker then what they would like so the pushed a liter of fluid in him. It made for a VERY long visit, but I guess it prepares us for chemo next week which will be even longer.
We had a high school friend and her husband stop by on their way to LJCA tonight. It was great to see Colleen and Clay McCoy and their 2 kids!
I’m an aunt again! My sister-in-law had a bouncing baby girl today. Congratulations Pascute Family!

I want to thank everyone who tweeted, facebooked, bought a newspaper, or whatever other means you used to see the article in the News Sentinel about Craig. If you didn’t see it PLEASE go find it. I also want to thank everyone that donated to the account. We feel so blessed every time we see even the smallest donation. :) I hope you also feel blessed after donating because I thank GOD everyday for everyone that has blessed us.

Today has been a great day and I’m beyond tired, so I’ll leave ya’ll with a sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.



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