doctors, dentist, and the hospital

Written by Amanda Pascute

We are back at the hospital. Craig is running a fever and has been vomiting most of the night. I called the phone nurse this morning and she said to get to the hospital. They admitted us straight away, but had to wait for the room to be cleaned. As we were getting ready and waiting for people to come to watch the boys, Jake cracked his first molar on the bottom left side. I called the dentist and they said they would see him as soon as he got there. Grandpa Pascute took him to the dentist and the dentist took the tooth out and from what I understand the adult tooth is right under it so he doesn’t need a spacer while we wait for it to come in. In the mean time our oncologist has already seen us (before we even got in our room, he was on the ball) and told us we’ll be here at least over night for observation. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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