funny bone pains

Written Feb 16, 2013 by Craig Pascute

Ever have that moment of stupidity where you hit your funny bone in your arm, and in your jumping up in excitement you hit it again within a few seconds? Imagine then hitting it again over and over again every few seconds for a week and you have a pretty good idea of how the week goes.

Equally frustrating to the pain and inability to calm it is trying to figure out what is wrong with me now and why am I so lucky to get it :)… It’s 0300 and I can’t sleep. Lately I have been able to sleep through the pain and have been sleeping 20ish hours a day. My body has had enough sleep and wont let me escape currently.

Tuesday is another PET scan. Normally I look forward to them, but since they have failed to see my throat cancer I am not sure what the point is in doing them. Also since I now am not allowed to lay down (must stay at 30 degrees or more because of stent) I am not clear how they are going to get the PET scan done since it requires laying flat for an hour.

Updates on these plus more chemo on Thursday.

Sorry I am a bit down today and am struggling to see the cup half full. It looks mighty empty from my side of the table.

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