Good Friday

Written by Craig Pascute

Today is a pretty good Friday for not being the “Good Friday”. I got my PET scan results today. My Esophagus (main part of my cancer) is 100% clear, my back is 75% clear and my lymph nodes are showing 50% improvement. Overall this is better news then any doctor has said was achievable. My cancer was in late stage 4e and considered by all as not curable. While I can’t say I am cured yet, for a 0% curability 2 yr life span point of view of the past, I can say that I am close to being a medical freak :)

The doctor is concerned with my hands acting up the last week or so, but plan is to push on and do a few more rounds followed by another PET scan to see if back and lymphs can get further cleared.

Thanks again for all the support. I have other things to blog about, but I am a little distracted about the PET results right now. Thanks

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