Great Day!

Written by Craig Pascute

I slept great last night. I woke up and was full of energy today. My father and I were going to play 9 holes at Arlington today, but their course was closed. Instead we played 18 at Lakeside. That course is in good shape, was fairly empty (less people to see my uhh… greatness..,, or something :)), and we had a nice day. It was very sunny and temps were just great. I shot a 109 total and really was 2 blow up holes from breaking 100. I am close to being back to my old self on the golf course. It helps riding in a cart for energy sake.

Later today I have the Men’s rally at Lake James. My father, father inlaw, brother, son, uncle inlaws, and grandfather in law will all be there. Plus many other men from surrounding churches will also be there It should be a great time and it will be Jake’s first time there. He is getting to stay up way past his bed time tonight, but I think the experience is worth it.

Speaking of experiences, wife and I just learned today that the Jack and Jill foundation came through. They approved my application and are going to pay for a 4 day, 3 night trip to Disney World in Orlando in late October. I can’t wait to be that guy who says, “who wants to come over and watch 4 hours of our trip to Disney” because I plan to tape most of the trip. I hope the kids will be able to use the tapes years from now when memories of me start to fade. Lord willing I will still be here to watch with them, but just in case I think it will be great to have them.

What a great day. God is good, and every blessing is from Him.

Edited by Amanda Pascute

Please if the boys are around us don’t ask about our trip to Disney. We aren’t telling them yet about it and would prefer to do it in our own way :)
Thank you!

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