Home again;)

Written by Craig Pascute

Hello again,

We are back from the wonderful vacation and are starting back into the normal routines again:). We over did pictures and videos and Amanda has been working on removing fluff prior to posting them. Hope to have them available soon. Thanks again to the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation for the trip.


Yesterday I was do for another round of chemo (only 2 more left according to the doc :)) but my blood counts were much to low for it. Playing it safe, it was rescheduled for Monday after Zack’s birthday. I feel fine and am doing pretty good regardless, but I don’t want to push it either. I have a building desire to get back to work as soon as possible, but until the chemo is done I am in a holding pattern because I don’t think anyone at work would want me around the week after chemo when I am pretty down. If my next PET scan following this next chemo cycle is good, Lord willing I will be back to work early/mid December.

Because of not having chemo yesterday both my wife and I had the freedom of a night off. My kids can’t normally be around me the evening/next morning post chemo because I am toxic to them and so they were already planned to spend the night at my parents. Thankfully my folks were glad to have them last night even though the need was removed. So I got to have a poker night with 7 guys (first time in over 2 years) and Amanda spent the evening kid/hubby free with one of her friends. Even through setbacks we seem to be blessed :)

Also, we received a final report back from the insurance company saying that the massive water burst from last year has had no affect on our foundation issues and that it isn’t the cause at all. While it isn’t the best of news, it is nice to have closure on it, and there were some positives from the report. Depending on how you read the report you could say that our foundation is only experiencing normal settling and since the ground around the home is reportedly level we shouldn’t expect further changes. Also, the report notes that all walls, windows, and doors are within .05 degrees of plumb (90 degrees). Anyway, for now the foundation stuff gets put on the back burner until my medical/work pictures is more clear.

Thanks again for all the prayers, love, and kindness.

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