Humbled myself

Written by Craig Pascute

Hello everyone. Yesterday I tried to carry my golf clubs and walk 9 holes at Arlington. I made it to hole 5 and then my body quit on me. I couldn’t finish and I had to sit there for 30 minutes before attempting to walk back to my car. I wanted to try it to see where my limit is and it was humorous just sitting out there stuck. Thankfully after resting I was able to get back to my car without having to call someone to come get me.

While not the first time cancer has humbled me, I doubt it will be the last. Because the pain medication works so well I tend to forget that I am limited. I pray/hope that I do better at Disney World. Speaking of Disney, my brother has a recorder and tapes that he is going to let me borrow for the trip so that is good news.

So if you only had 2 years left what would you spend your time doing? I pray often, ask that I use time wisely, try to spend as much time with kids and wife that I can, but beyond that I struggle. Some days I sleep and sleep and sleep. I know my body needs it, but I don’t want to waste days when they are so limited. Lord willing I live past the 2 years that the docs have given me, but that is not in my control at all. I try to remember that people pass every day without the same notice that I have been given. So I try to view the 2 years as a gift and am trying not to waste any of it. Any ideas… feel free to sign guestbook or drop me an email at with any ideas.

Thanks again for all the support (financially, prayer, and time). I’m incredible thankful for it all and am pretty upbeat/positive about it all because of all the support. So thank you again.

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