It’s a God thing…

Written by Amanda Pascute

Today I need to pay 2 hospital bills. So I went to the bank that holds all of our donation funds and got some cash. I went to the hospital to see how much they would take off the bills for paying in cash and paying them in full. First good news is I took out JUST enough. The second is by the time I was leaving the hospital someone had donated $1000.00 into the acct (FYI that was how much I withdrew). This is the second time this has happened! <3 to who(m)ever did it!

I called my mother-in-law to tell her the good news. Not to be out done, my mother-in-law told me they had a check for us too. The company my father-in-law retired from had a 50/50 raffle and the proceeds went to us. They were shocked to open the envelope and discover $1700.00!

Sometimes God blesses you and other times He BLESSES you!
All day the song God is Good has been in my head and now I know why!

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