just a quick update

Written by Craig Pascute

Doing great today. Pain in my back hovers between 1 and 3 most of the time and the arm is fine. The new meds have less drowsiness and I am awake more of the day. My new found free time has been spent playing chess online, reading a ton, and just trying to enjoy time with kids/family. Also I have been blessed and have been able to sleep 5-6 hour blocks at night and am feeling somewhat normal for once :)

I want to thank everyone again for the continued support through prayers, food, finances, and just spending time with me/us. Sorry for being repetitive all the time, but really knowing all the support is out there is so helpful when things are tight/tough.

Kids are doing good and have really enjoyed the snow day. They spent the majority of it outside and were exhausted in the evening.

thanks again.

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