Leaves are falling

Written by Craig Pascute

Good morning everyone. Today is Friday, the 5th and I am doing good. I am back on a normal sleep schedule and am in waiting mode. Tuesday the 9th (sorry I had the wrong date earlier to those I told the 16th) I have a PET Scan and then Friday I have chemo again. Hopefully the PET scan will show significant shrinkage in my throat and back. I won’t get results till next Friday.

I got to go golfing yesterday, and while I didn’t have my best round ever I was great on recovering, chipping, and putting, and put a solid round together to end the year. Of course my father played just good enough to win by 2 thanks to me blowing up on the last hole. Thankfully I managed to beat Tony though for the first time this year (actually first time in 2 years) I doubt there will be many more 70 degree days till next march.

Last week I forgot to post we had the insurance structural engineer out to the house. He took a ton of pictures and measured the inside flooring. He confirmed our earlier numbers of 5 1/2 inches from the center of the house down to the back bathroom, 1 1/2 inches to the main bath and also to the front door. He was unwilling to talk about his report to the claims adjuster so I don’t know yet whether the burst water pipe last winter in the center of the house caused all the dropping of the back bath or not. Hopefully he agrees that it did.

Hope to post some good news next Friday.

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