Nice Surprise

Written by Craig Pascute

Saturday I got a nice surprise from my co-workers/friends. One of them read my last blog post about borrowing my brothers video camera and passed an email out to HQ and Piqua yard. So they took up a donation and bought me a video camera, tripod, extra battery, 16 gig chip and even put some extra cash on a card to use for whatever accessory I may also need/want. It really made my families day. We weren’t asking for it and yet the need was met. Special thanks to whoever started the email/effort at work plus thanks to everyone who donated for it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, besides cancer I am truly blessed and extremely lucky in life. I’m getting tired of saying thank you all the time and am thinking about taking up baking to try and show my thanks instead. Of course I will need my wife’s help. I can’t/shouldn’t burn the house down :). In case my baking is total failure, thanks again.

Also I forgot to mention that the golf outing a week ago was a total success. I believe there was 17 teams of 4 plus an auction afterword. Thanks for everyone who participated plus special thanks to my brother, Mike, and some of the ladies who put in a bunch of extra time setting everything up. Also it was great to see some of my graduation class that I haven’t seen in 10+ years. Why did everyone look older though? I’m sure I look the same, so I was a little confused.

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