Results are in, I’m not the weakest link

Written by Craig Pascute

Well I am back in the old chemo chair in a room full to the gills with other fighters so not the best news today. My esophagus is still clear which is the main good news.
My back and lymph nodes didn’t do as well as hoped. The T7 spot is worse then the last PET scan and now my T6 is also registering cancer. Also a few of my lymph nodes are now showing up that weren’t showing before.
End result is more chemo, but a different drug combination. If not allergic to this new drug the only major side affect difference is that this new drug has no nausea. If the other side affects aren’t severe I could be able to go back to work while receiving treatments as well which would be great.
Besides doctor stuff, my life is good. Thanksgiving was one of the better ones I can recall in years past. The kids are healthy and I haven’t gotten my normal bout of Bronchitis so far. My wife’s scarf making business is doing well and we continue to be blessed with people’s generosity, prayers, and support.
If I am lucky I should be able to attend my works Christmas party tomorrow night and I look forward to the Christmas holiday. Thanks again for everything, but I am going to try and grab a few hours of sleep while waiting on the chemo to finish up.

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