Stressful Day

Written by Amanda Pascute

Today has been perhaps the most stressful day yet. People in and out of the house all day. Phone calls from Cleveland Clinic and our doctor, bills that should have been taken care of but weren’t, and the ever present med watch.

      So the worst news today is that we can’t go to Cleveland on Wednesday. The doctors still have to review our case and call us with our appt again. Our chart didn’t get to them until today (it was suppose to be there Friday). We are trying to take it slowly and trying to be patience.

    Some good news is that we have a grant for the chemo drug in pill form that Craig is currently taking through his port 24/7. With the pills he can almost be normal and not worry about the pump or remembering not to shower. The bad news is the grant will only cover 1 maybe 3 months of the pills depending on how much the final payout of the grant will be. But I suppose 1-3 months is better then no months.

      I know GOD is in control and everything happens for a reason. I pray everyday that we get through this and thank GOD everyday for everyone that is praying, helping out, and anything that I’m not even aware of that’s happening. I pray that GOD gives me the strength to prevail while he is molding my family and I into what he wants us to be and that whatever happens I can use it to glorify him.

     Thank you for being my sounding board and reading the mundane rants of a wife and mother stressed to the max with her life.


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