surprises each day

Written by Craig Pascute

Wish I had more good ones to share then bad, but a surprise is still a surprise either way. Life would be boring without them. So I thought last week’s pain/sickness/etc. were all improving last weekend. Kids had a great time at the Komets game, I had a little chemo high going, and my mood was greatly improved. I was a little wrong though.

I’ve rewrote this a few times, and decided on the short version. My esophagus closed on me this week. The cancer that wasn’t tracking on PET scans is still there and I had to have surgery to put a stint in my throat to reopen it up. There are quality of life changes that come with this surgery but compared to the alternative I need to be happy about them. My bottom line of “months” haven’t changed but I have more limitations now. It is 4 A.M. and I am unable to shut my brain off, which is why I have rewrote this a few times. Apologize if it raises more questions then answers, but sometimes skipping the details if probably better. Please pray that I make use of each day (gifts really) and do the best of my ability to finish my race without regrets, whether months = 1 or months = 18. Thanks again for the support, appreciate it all, including surprise visitors on short notice to the hospital today. :)

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