Written by Craig Pascute

It’s Friday. Went for a checkup yesterday and although I am struggling with tiredness and general fatigue the doc says blood is good and nothing you can do about the fatigue. Other then the fatigue problems I am doing pretty good.

Tomorrow is the golf outing. I will be there prior to tee off to say hello, but will be leaving after everyone fires off. Special thanks to my bro, Mike, and the others that have worked so hard to put the golf outing together. I hope everyone has a good time and the weather cooperates. Weatherman was wrong today so let’s hope tomorrow is better.

Tomorrow afternoon is the work party at Crazy pins. The boys always have a great time there so I expect the same tomorrow. It will be good to see work friends again also. I will try and not act to relaxed from not working :)… To be honest I miss work. I am struggling to fill all the free time, especially during school hours when kids are gone.

Anyway, kids are hungry, need to bail. Hope your weekend is good.

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