Today, I am called blessed

Written by Amanda Pascute

Craig is still in the hospital and in quite a bit of pain even after taking all of his pain drugs. He had a CT with contrast earlier this afternoon to see if there were any blood clots causing this pain. There aren’t any. He’s been able to keep what little food he does eat down since we got here, but his fever still goes up and down quite a bit.
Even through all of this I am reminded that GOD does provide. Some one came up today and ask if there was anything we needed and I said  no, but then they asked me if I had gotten the boy’s school supplies yet and I told them no I hadn’t. So we took off for a little bit and this wonderful, wonderful person bought everything on the boy’s school supply list and some shirts for school! And also a few things Craig and I needed that we didn’t have at the hospital.
If that were the end of the story I would still be called blessed, but soon after that another person came in to see how we were doing and as they left they handed me some cash to spend on whatever we needed. This nearly brought me to tears. Not just one person, but many see the need and want to help! I know I will never be able to repay any of these acts of kindness, but I am surely going to try!
I am also sure that these are the only acts of kindness that people are doing for us today. I know my parents and Craig’s parents are doing all they can to help with the boys and make sure they have a safe loving place to sleep while mommy watched over daddy in the hospital and I’m sure there are many others donating money on the website, praying for us, checking up on Craig via text or phone calls, or maybe in a way I’m not even aware of yet.
Craig and I thank each and everyone of you that are doing these things for us in this time of our need! I can not say thank you enough for all the love and support we have from family, friends, and the community!

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