Tuesday’s here already

Written by Craig Pascute

Good morning, It is Tuesday morning and the house is quite. Amanda and the kids just left for school. So far this chemo cycle has been much like the last with fatigue and cold hands being the worst of the side affects. My sleeping schedule is all messed up. Lately I am in bed early and lay awake most of the night, get up, do chores and then fall back asleep till 3ish when kids are due home. I am going t try and fight it today and stay awake, but even now I feel the sleep coming.

Looking back, I had a another good weekend with friends and family so I don’t have much to complain about. Sorry if I seem down today because I am not really down at all. It is just a little harder to stay upbeat when tired as well. Anyway Lord willing, tonight we go to Hicksville and I get a special meatloaf meal compliments of my mother.

Time for a nap.

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