Walt Disney, Sea World, and flying food oh my

Written by Craig Pascute

Hello everyone,

It is night 4 of our vacation and our in a new resort hotel with wifi that doesn’t cost extra money every time I log on. Sorry I haven’t updated before now, but the pricing at the last resort hotel were a bit pricy to get online.

Day 1 we loved and enjoyed Disney Magic Kingdom. Both Jake and Zack were able to ride coasters for the first time. Though Zack was thoroughly scared by Space Mountain, he bounce back nicely the remainder of the day/trip. Jake on the other hand has discovered that he is a coaster lover and wants to do nothing but ride coasters. Between grandma Frazier, Amanda, and I we have been trying to appease him while not forcing Zack to not sit for long periods of time. Both boys enjoyed various rides and shows. We stayed to near closing and thankfully I was able to hold up without needing a wheel chair or any assistance. It rained for a good portion of the day but everyone just pushed on and kept trying rides and shows.

Day 2 we were blessed as well and got to go to the Animal Kingdom park. While there was some rain we managed to be in doors at a show or on a covered ride each time it rained and had a blast. Beyond seeing multiple animals, we got to watch a Lion King show with acrobatics that really stuck with the kids. They were lots of smiles from them. The boys most enjoyed the retro Dinoland part of the park. They enjoyed the jungle gym, the dino coaster and playing in the sand. We got to see almost the entire park and had time to revisit dino land area a second time late in the day. Again there were tons of smiles all around and it was a great day.

Day 3 started a little rough. Epcot had a few space rides, including a flight simulator virtual coaster ride. The park though was celebrating a food and wine festival and overall didn’t feel very kid oriented. We bailed early in the afternoon, caught a nice nap, and then enjoyed a great restaurant called the Tree Forest. It was pretty neat to eat inside a forest themed restaurant with thunder storms, animitronics, and great atmosphere.

Day 4 we were lucky enough to go to Sea World for the day. We got to the park right at opening and were able to get on the Manta Ray coaster with no wait (Jake’s first big boy coaster in my opinion) which included flying upside down, cork screws, and loops at 55+ mph. He giggle the entire time.I tried hard not to vomit for most of the ride. Soon after he took grandma and got to ride the Kraken coaster again with no wait and grandma got to try to keep breakfast down. Again Jake was smiling from ear to ear when he got off. Zack had a little rougher time as he didn’t have many rides that he could go on. Early on in the afternoon we met up with Amanda’s cousins Julie and Paul with their two kids. They are Sea World pros and helped us around the place. We got to see the killer whale and walrus shows as well as petting manta rays, view under water shark exhibits, and even visited the artic region of the park. To cap the evening we got to goto Kobe steakhouse where my boys were able to watch the food be cooked before their eyes. The chef was a pro and was able to perform tricks throughout the meal and was well worth the little extra cost. Both boys were very excited to see fire, onion ring volcano, and shrimp tails flying through the air.

Tomorrow we are expecting to go to Lego land and I need to stop typing and get some more rest. Through it all so far I have been able to walk almost everything thing. There are times were I skip some rides and sit and rest to pace myself.

Again I can’t thank the Jack and Jill foundation enough for this trip. Not only have they given my family 3 days in Disney and a day in Sea World, they paid or transportation down, and putting us up in a beautiful four star hotel called Renaissance just outside Sea World. Without the foundation none of the memorable trip would have been possible. Between my great PET scan and this vacation I have been on a pretty big high as of late. Lord willing I only have 2 more rounds of chemo and can get back to work in December some tie. I need to run my own time frame past the docs next week, but and hopeful that they will agree.

Also, again I can’t thank everyone that have been supporting my family through prayer, gifts, time and service, and money. Compared to some of the other people I have met in the cancer offices my life has been truly blessed even before the healing. I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. If you ever want to feel loved in this world get a life threatening disease/cancer. Lord willing I will get the rest of a long life to try and repay/pass it forward to others. Thanks again. Sorry for delay between posts and for this being so long. Hope to get pics/videos posted once we get home.


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